Fresh Totty And New Images

Hello to all who read our little gem of a blog! Have I got some really sexy ladies to introduce to you.

Yasmine: ***PICS COMING SOON***

This Brazilian looking beauty could reallllllly give Kimmy K a run for her money.

Her derriere is absolutely perfect and her busty figure is one to be envied by all.

She hasn’t been in the industry very long at all and is so excited to be apart of such a beautiful friendly team.

Check out her full profile:


This sexy busty brunette is a sure fire way to spend your evening.

She has the most cheeky suggestive smile we’ve seen at Cheshire in a long time and put it this way,

we are not letting her go anywhere anytime soon!

Check out her full profile:

Also Gentlemen, and ladies alike! Watch out over the next week as a few of our sexy companions will be having their brand new pics taken!

The following ladies will be strutting the stuff for our photographer tonight (17/10)

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