Frosty Fun has just begun

Boys, this is what you’ve been waiting for:

Sadie – 33 – Size 12 – 5’6″ – 36c

Warm, and curvaceous. This lady has big brown eyes and a gorgeous genuine smile. You’ll want to spend more and more time with this gorgeous individual.

Nicole – 21 – Size 8 – 5’5 – 34C

Beautiful young chicka, new to the industry. With long white hair and the most perfect delicate features, this lady is worth millions before you even get a look at her incredible body.

Naomi – 45 – Size 10 – 5’8′ – 34B

Fun fun fun! This naughty lady is just great. She has a laugh a minute attitude and a pristine leggy figure – being a genuine people person means that she is interested in what you have to say – and shes amazing at other things too 😉

Grace – 28 – Size 10 – 5’4 – 34E

Cheeky ladies like Grace are few and far between! Her naughty and suggestive smile is all you’ll need to know you’ve chosen the right lady. Her super busty natural figure will make you melt!

As ever, we know that you boys love a good chat. And that’s why if you like one of the above ladies and want to spend some time with them…

If you call one of our friendly receptionists they’ll be able to put you in touch with the lady and you can make an informed decision about who you’ll be spending your time with.

Bernie oxoxo

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