Cheshire Tricks and Treats

As I was strolling through town yesterday, I noticed an unusual number of goths roaming the streets, dressed up in black, leather, dyed hair and steam punk accessories: top hats, Victorian broaches and antiquated clocks – Halloween – the goths time to shine in their natural light, to put the platforms on and ruffle their black monotone peacock feathers at this most bewitching time of year.

I’ll be honest with you now and let you into a little secret…. I flirted with the gothic for a short while, although being quite a bubbly person I had trouble sticking to shades of black and so would make up for it by brightly colouring my hair in rainbow colours which changed from week to week in a kind of punk/goth medley which I pulled off with aplomb (cough cough).
Since these early uni days where I would pretend to be fascinated by the macabre and Edgar Allen Poe, I’ve thankfully shed most of the trademark goth requirements and kept just the best elements of the Gothic underworld in my private wardrobe which is reserved for Cheshire eyes only!
I have good reason to believe that I’m not alone either as if you scroll through some of our stunning escorts in our gallery then I’m sure that you will notice the odd whip here and there, a peek of PVC, a leather paddle or perhaps even a riding crop from time to time.
As you have gathered it doesn’t need to be Halloween and our ladies don’t have to be gothic to enter the dark side and neither do you so there really is no need to be shy so Why not try something new, something exciting, a different sensation and believe me when I say that there really is nothing quite like the feeling of squeezing your body into a latex dress or the euphoric feeling when the air embraces your skin again once the shiny sexy tight fabric has been peeled off of a deliciously curvy body.
However, maybe it’s the less is more aesthetic that you enjoy and why shouldn’t you, there really should be more PVC peep hole knickers on the market these days, although I’m sure a few of our girls (me included) have this covered.
There might not be a whole 50 shades of black in the average women’s wardrobe, but if you ask one of our amazing, open-minded, kindly and adventurous ladies what’s in their bag of tricks this Halloween then they might just surprise you!
So what are you waiting for… whether it’s a trick or a treat with one of our ladies you can’t go wrong.

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