Nirvana this November with a Sexy Scorpio

I can’t believe that it’s taken me so long to figure it out…

Every year come November it’s the same. The phone lines go wild, our girls all go nuts and our guys just can’t get enough.
Has there been a weird explosion of new wild pheromones in the air? Is it the full moon? What is turning Cheshire Companions into a gang of ravenous foxy insatiable lusty wenches (more than the usual)?

So there it was, staring me right in the face, it’s the month of November, the tide of the Scorpio.

Said to be the worst of all the signs, the Scorpios amongst us have been branded with quite a reputation for being controlled by jealousy and rage, secrecy and resentment.
However it’s not all doom and gloom for these magnetic creatures as although ruled by the distant and icy planet Pluto: this is the place for transformation and regeneration. When you think about it this makes a scorpio lady perfectly suited for the mysterious edge needed to lead a double life of escorting or espionage! Whether you believe or not, there’s simply no denying the fact that the Scorpio is the sassiest star sign in Astrology.

In fact its not just being a sleuth that a Scorpio is good at. It’s all things naughty. To put it simply, being steamy and irresistible is their thing. Not just known for their sassy sides however Scorpio women should not be taken lightly and should be treated like the royalty they are at all times, and let me tell you this will wreak you rewards! If you don’t just want to go of star sign compatibility then feel free to ask to have a chat with one of our lovely ladies – which will enable you to speak and click before you even meet!

There you have it – the mystery of the November Office rush at Cheshire has been solved!

Put it down to the stars and their unexplained forces over our lusty ladies. (Other star signs available)

Call Cheshire Companions now to meet with a stunning Scorpio and you will never forget the passion they bring to every occasion. The scorpion lady will provide you with a naturally raunchy, sensuous and intense encounter that will last as long as you allow it to!

These firecrackers are worth spending some quality time with as they will leave you breathless and wishing you had just one more moment in heaven with them!

If you would like to book a longer appointment with one of our sexy scorpios or any other lady for that matter, then it’s worth taking a peek at our rates and ask us about the mega savings you can make!

Here’s a cheeky link to our gallery of gorgeous girls!
Look forward to hearing from you soon for your Nirvana this November x

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