Fireworks at Cheshire this week

*QUESTION TIME* Does anyone know the name of the cunning gent who thought of the November 5th Plot? Brownie points for those who know!

Well lovelies where do I start on a week as pleasantly hectic as this one?! We are currently welcoming as much fantastic feed back as ever and it’s with thanks to our exceptionally high standard of ladies.

With that in mind, why not check out this weeks new additions!

Ruby – Self Driver – Size 8 – 32C – 5’3”

True to her name, Ruby is a slim toned 24 year old red head. She has beautiful features and her long red hair shines and glistens in the light. She is a new lady to the industry and makes for a real ‘Sparkler’ so get booked in with her now.

Cara – Non Driver – Size 6 – 30C – 5’2”

This dark haired youngster boasts a petite model frame on a teeny size 6 at just 5’2”, if you’re a lover of our petite variety then this lady is going to ‘rocket’ your world.

In other sexy Cheshire news, it was photo day today! (7/11) which means you’ll be able to feast your eyes upon some gorgeous new images of the following ladies:

  • Jessica
  • Cara **FIRST PICS**
  • Simone
  • Kate
  • Molly
  • Fiona
  • Keeley
  • Samantha
  • Anna **FIRST PICS**

Thanks for reading this slightly late addition of Bernie’s Blog, If you have any questions on any new lady or even ladies you’ve seen before, call one of the team now on 01614497775.

Bernie @ Cheshire oxoxoxo

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