Top 5 hotels for Nightlife in Manchester

If you are of the notion that Manchester is only about history, football, and architecture, then you are wrong. Truth be told, Manchester has an extremely vibrant nightlife and offers some of the best places to hang out during the evenings. When in Manchester, you would love to enjoy your evenings with great food, exotic cocktails, music, and stunning views of the city. Now, introduce a romantic partner into the mix, and your entire trip instantly livens up.

Manchester is known for its classy, sophisticated, and elegant escorts who are always ready to tantalise their clients. If you are travelling alone, then you can hire an escort for ultimate fun and pleasure. You can enjoy Manchester’s nightlife by visiting some of the best hotel bars in the city with your escort. Let us now discuss the top 5 hotels for nightlife in Manchester.

The River Restaurant: If you have heard of the famous 5-star Lowry Hotel in Manchester, then The River Restaurant will be easy to find. Located at the Lowry Hotel, The River Restaurant is one of the best hotel bars in Manchester. The best part about this restaurant and bar is that you can witness breathtaking views of the River Irwell from here.

The interiors of this restaurant offer a fusion of classic and modern vibes. It also has a beautiful terrace that is perfect for a summer night out. You can enjoy a romantic dinner with your hired escort at The River Restaurant. The two of you can drink wine or some fancy cocktails while getting immersed in flirtatious conversations. The restaurant offers some lip-smacking international delicacies.

Moxy Manchester: Talk about exquisite cocktails and Moxy Manchester City’s bar will leave you speechless. From prosecco to limoncello, you can find different types of specially curated cocktails in Moxy. Apart from great drinks, Moxy also offers a relaxing ambience with some good live music. Their in-house DJs make sure to offer an exhilarating night-out experience to all the guests.

The interiors of Moxy are quite Instagram-worthy. This place is a coffee shop during the day and transforms into a lively bar during the evening. You can unwind your day at this place with your hired escort. The two of you can enjoy some pizza, burgers, or bar snacks coupled with some amazing drinks. Not only this but you can also compete with each other in a game of beer pong.

Cloud 23: Consider yourself lucky if you get the chance to witness the spectacular views of Manchester City at night. Well, Cloud 23, located in the Hilton, can offer you exactly that. You will find this place on the 23rd floor of the Beetham Tower. Imagine having a fun night on top of the world with a beautiful escort by your side. Now, wouldn’t that be romantic?

Cloud 23 is known for its opulent interiors and is frequently visited by high-class guests. The restaurant has a very welcoming atmosphere and offers a vast collection of drinks. You can also enjoy their finger food. If you take your escort to Cloud 23, then you can rest assured that the two of you are going to have a fulfilling night ahead.

The Refuge:  The Refuge is located in the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel, Manchester. It is one of the most lavish hotel bars that attracts the crème de la crème of society. When it comes to its unique cocktails, this place will fascinate you beyond imagination with its innovativeness. You can thank the mixologists for all the drinks. You will also find craft ales in this bar.

Not only this but The Refuge also offers a carefully curated selection of small plates. Some of the small plate options include salted chilli spiced broad beans, beetroot borani, and smoked mackerel pate among others. The restaurant also serves large plates as part of their dinner menu. You can enjoy a delightful culinary experience by trying both their British delicacies and international cuisine.

Doghouse Manchester: If you are looking for a place that has an indoor bar as well as a rooftop bar, then BrewDog  Doghouse Manchester is the best place to be. This place is known for its huge collection of BrewDog’s craft beer. If you stay the night with your escort in one of their bedrooms, then get ready to chug more beer. This is because the rooms have beer taps.

Apart from the high-quality craft beer, Doghouse Manchester also serves a variety of finger-licking food options, such as burgers, Korean BBQ wings, tacos, fries, nachos, and salad bowls among others. If you and your hired escort are beer lovers, then you should definitely visit this place. This way, the two of you can have a chilled-out and relaxing night.

Are You Ready for Manchester Nightlife?

These hotel bars in Manchester will offer you and your escort a fun and memorable night. The two of you can relish delicious food and refreshing cocktails while enjoying some quality time together. You can get in touch with a trusted and renowned escort agency, such as Cheshire Companions. This elite agency will help you find a perfect, dream-like escort who will cater to all your intimate needs.

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