Welcome to the dark side

Good evening to all of our lovely gents, old and new, naughty and nice.

Every week as I sit at my desk and think about the amazing girls I’m about to try and put into words I just think, ‘Ahh, it can’t get better than this, surely?

But then low and behold, we get a brand new set of ladies – stunned with excitement, ready to meet all you sexy boys for the very first time.

Sexy picture of Claudia showing off her bum in a bodysuit


22 years old

Size 8

5’9 inches tall

34D bust size


Further Information about Claudia

Long and thick dark hair and perfect delicate features get Claudia off to a flying start.

That’s before I even tell you that she is a size 8 standing oh so leggy at 5’8” tall. At just 22 years old this lady is going to be a real show stopper.

blonde model in pink dress



32 years old

Size 10/12

5’4″ inches tall

34D bust size


Further Information about Felicity

Blue-eyed Flic! This cheeky lady is gorgeous. She looks younger than her 32 years.

Her long sandy blonde hair falls beautifully around her structured shoulders – Her size 10/12 figure is bootylicious and her curves are firm and biteable!


Gabrielle wearing a black and white bodysuit leaning against a chair


22 years old

Size 8/10

5’6″ inches tall

32B bust size


Further Information about Gabrielle

Wowzers, Glamour puss alert. Do you like your ladies looking exotic with a touch of perfect class?

Gabrielle is just beautiful on the inside and out. Her dark tan suggests all she does is lounge around in the Mediterranean but don’t be fooled – She’d much rather be naughty with you.


Emma wearing a red latex bodysuit lay on a chair


35 years old

Size 10

5’6 inches tall'

34E bust size


Further Information about Emma

This brunette babe is quite possibly one of the most unassuming mature ladies who has walked through our doors in a long time.

Her beautiful brown eyes look perfect as her long lashes flutter flirtatiously. She’s a cute little thing, you’d never suspect her.

Well, I hope that this blog has given you an insight into the gorgeous New Escorts we are very excited to have on board.

So if you like the look of any of them, (Let's not be silly of course you do). Give our lovely receptionists a call for some extra info, and maybe even a call!

See you all next week avid blog, readers

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