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Why Manchester?

Manchester is a place of variety and multi-culture at its very best. Am I bias? Quite possibly. Am I in love with everything about Manchester? Definitely. Whether you're visiting Manchester from far away, a weary traveler looking for recuperation - Or you live relatively locally but love venturing the short distance into the city just to be involved in the antics which constantly occur, you'll love this little blog. I'm going to talk about everything from our�Cheshire Companion's Manchester ladies to the quirky activities you can sample in this place we lovingly refer to as Mancunia.   If you were lucky enough to be educated in the area as a child then you'll more that likely know the story of how it came to be called Manchester - The Romans came along merrily one day, Invaded us successfully and built a large fort on the land that is now Castlefield! This was done in order to beat the Brigantes, who were a large Celtic tribe. They controlled the majority of what would, in the future, become the North West of England. When the Romans built their fort, they decided to call it Mancunium, and over the years as time passed by, the name evolved to become what we now know as Manchester, famous for so many fascinating reasons, even as a Mancunian you may be unaware of!   Moss Side for example was the birth place of Emmeline Pankhurst, In other words Mother of the Suffragette movement. Who knew the women's right to vote originated right here, in our very own love filled city! This place of solidarity has also famously spawned more music genius than any other UK City, not to mention the merge of dance music along with indie music. Kick-starting the modern evolution. And behold, the Ha�ienda was born...   These days in Cottonopolis, you're never short of things to do. Manchester has an array of interesting places to visit in the daytime! From historical libraries, Turkish baths, Hidden walkways and Observatories, we even have a statue honoring Micheal Jackson. If it's night time activities that you so desire then there's still masses of things that you can do.   From Secret bars like the wash house, which is designed to trick you into thinking you're in a launderette before you sashay through a washing machine into a decadent and lavish bar, to the shiver inducing views from Cloud 29 bar situated at the top of the Hilton hotel, you're simply never far from the fun.   And of course If you want the company of a beautiful young lady on your arm for the duration of any of these delightful excursions then may I take it upon myself to recommend the best agency in town? An agency which prides itself not only on being the best most classy agency that there is, but also on being incredible value for money. Call Cheshire Companions to be matched with your perfect lady, for the perfect evening. Bernie x

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