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Movies To See With Your Escorts – Part 2

In our last blog we took you through a short-list of great movies you could go see with your gorgeous Cheshire companion but because Hollywood is so busy we figured why stop at 4, when we can go through even more films and have another short-list for you to read through. We hope you enjoy this last as much as the last one, so without further ado, let’s get into some of the great movies you could go see this year, starting with:


Mary Queen of Scotts – Release Date – 7th December (Biopic)

If you love yourself a good biopic then you’ll be happy to know this year is the release of Mary Queen of Scotts. Famously remembered as Bloody Mary, Mary Queen of Scotts is the stuff of legends. After ascending to the throne at just 6 days old Mary reigned from 1542 to 1567 and during this epic reign, she had a very public dispute with her sister Queen Elizabeth of England. Queen Elizabeth and Mary may have fallen out, but their story is here for you to watch. Hitting our silver screens this December catch one of the most public feuds ever between two queens, and ultimately, two sisters.


A Star Is Born – Release Date – 5th Oct – Drama/Romance

On to some romance and drama for you and your gorgeous Cheshire Companion now.

A Star Is Born is a beautiful heart-warming story of a country star played by everyone crush Bradley Cooper who falls in love with a struggling singer played by real-life super-star singing sensation Lady Gaga.

As the struggling singer begins to find fame and fortune the country star who fell in love with her begins to question his place in her life and wonders whether his best years, aren’t in fact, behind him.


Goosebumps 2 – Release Date – 21st September – Adventure/Action

Remember watching the classic children’s horror TV show Goosebumps? Or perhaps you remember reading the books written by R.L Stine.

Goosebumps is one of the most famous and popular children’s series ever and in 2015 Goosebumps finally hit the silver screen for the first time ever to bring us a nostalgic ride of monsters, ghosts and ghouls to creep us out.

This year jack black and the rest of the creepy characters are back to take us on another 90’s nostalgic trip of fun, horror and adventure. One of the most popular episodes and characters from the TV show was the puppet who came to life ‘Slappy’.

This menacing puppet who’s out to hurt is taking over the sequel this year with ‘Slappy’s Halloween’. Excited yet?


Venom – Release Date – October 5th – Action/Thriller/Horror

Sony Pictures have been making Spider-man films since 2002 and after 5 films, 3 of which were received quite poorly with critics, Sony have decided to focus their efforts less on the hero of the story (Spiderman) and to focus more on his world and villains instead. So this year Sony presents us with the first Spider-man related film without the web-head himself ‘Venom’.

Based on a popular Spider-man villain who was also featured in Spider-man 3, to a terrible reception, is back but this time in his own film supporting a more villainous role and really letting loose with the demonic horror aspect of this character.

You could easily go into this film and never know it has anything to do with Spider-man as the film aims to be a fun action filled horror movie for anyone to watch.

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