Lydia - 46

About Lydia - 46

Hello, I am Lydia, an enchanting redhead with vibrant copper - coloured locks that dance like flickering flames under the golden sun. With my captivating blue eyes and a tanned complexion adorned with delightful freckles, I am the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Allow me to whisk you away on a delightful journey into my world, where joy and class intertwine seamlessly.


I possess the rare combination of a curvaceous, hourglass figure that showcases my natural curves plus a naturally busty frame, accompanied by a perfectly sculpted derrière, leaving no doubt that I embody the essence of femininity. As your ideal companion, I possess the ability to make you feel like the most cherished person in the universe.


I must let you in on a delightful secret. Not only do I have a penchant for charming gentlemen, but I am also a proudly bisexual woman who delights in the company of both men and women. Love knows no boundaries, and my heart is open to embracing the beauty of connections with individuals of all genders.


When it comes to style, I am an impeccable connoisseur of fashion. Picture me clad in elegant ensembles, meticulously chosen to make a lasting impression. Smartly tailored dresses, exquisite accessories, and sophisticated heels are my trusted companions, as I believe in dressing to impress. Every week, I devote myself to hair appointments, ensuring that my radiant mane is a crowning glory of perfection. And let us not forget my meticulously painted nails, a true reflection of my unwavering dedication to grooming.


Confidence and friendliness are the pillars upon which I build my enchanting persona. I possess an innate ability to befriend, effortlessly becoming the centre of any gathering. With an infectious sense of humour, I am the life of the party, ensuring that laughter fills the air. But do not be deceived by my vivacious nature, for I am also an intellectual at heart. Engaging in stimulating conversations and exploring a vast array of topics is a delight that I revel in, proving that I am not only a delightful socialite but also a well-rounded and educated woman.


I must confess that on occasion, I find myself embracing the delightful intoxication of life. A little tipple here and there may result in a hint of mirthful tipsiness, which only enhances the vivacity of my spirit. Rest assured, my darling companions, this intoxication is but a joyful seasoning to our time together, never detracting from the grace and poise that define my essence.


However, let me share with you a truth that lies beneath my enchanting facade. Beyond the laughter and elegance, I am an intimate soul who cherishes tender moments. Kissing and cuddling hold a sacred place in my heart, for they embody the warmth and affection that can be found in the embrace of a kindred spirit. Furthermore, I possess a profound curiosity for exploring your deepest desires and fantasies, for I believe that life should be an enchanting tapestry of shared experiences.


My greatest desire is to uplift and bring joy to all those I encounter. Wherever I go, I strive to leave a lasting impression, one that reflects not only the radiance of my own spirit but also the essence of the agency I represent. I am committed to spreading positivity, making each person I encounter feel better than they did before, and leaving an indelible mark of grace, charm, and sophistication.




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Feb 2020
Lydia as we all know was an important part of Asia Minor... famous most of all for the “Midas Touch”... everything turns to gold... Lydia deserves this name and is amazing fun, sexy as hell and must not be missed. She can converse with the Gods and be a very naughty Godess... Thanks Lydia xxx
Feb 2020
Lydia has everything, great looks, fabulous figure, sexy as hell but full of great conversation and loads of fun.... thanks Lydia I’ll be back soon. .... Recommendation 100% xxx
Jun 2020
Lovely lady and amazing items in the kit bag
Jul 2020
Lydia came to our hotel for a 2hr couples much fun she stayed all night. This lady knows how to please.....First impression classy and straight laced - lasting impression - wild, naughty and loads of fun! Highly recommend!! Ha
May 2021
GFE ,Best mate and sexy as hell
Jul 2021
I really enjoyed my time With Lydia she is so warm and lovely and nice company and I’m going to see year in the future x
Jul 2021
She is very lovely. I enjoyed my time with her very much. She has a great kit bag with lots of surprises. See you soon Lydia x
Sep 2021
Gorgeous. Excellent companion
Sep 2022
Lydia what an amazing person loves to kiss loves to cuddle love to chat really love at the time I spent with her it was amazing look forward to seeing you in the future
Sep 2022
Lydia what a great person she is she’s so lovely has a good sense of humour and I love everything about her and she’s got A Body to die for I will be seen in the future
Oct 2022
Just had the most amazing time with Lydia !! She put me at ease and absolutely blew my mind!! Will remember tonight for many years to come :-)
Nov 2022
Lydia my baby, I love you so much you’re so amazing such a lovely lady enjoy it two hours. It was lovely to see her again very soon
Dec 2022
I seen the lady of my dreams she is so lovely and friendly and cuddly. And loves to kiss had a lovely time time with her two hours went so fast can’t wait to see her in the new year xxxxx
Jan 2023
Lydia is the best lady at Cheshire . We have such an amazing time together two hours is not long enough. See you on the 8th of February. Xxx
Jan 2023
Once in a while all your dreams can come true - Lydia was more than happy to play along with my desires, she was beautiful and sensual, and confidently was able to enjoy our meeting. Yes the photos are great but there is nothing better that the touch of her hands and the brush of her lips to arouse, beautiful lingerie and eyes to fall into, she knew how to use her curvaceous body to tempt me.Surely there is nothing better than caressing her waist and hips as she lay on the sofa. We found plenty of time to explore our needs and really she knows that she is the most wondrous of women. Beauty, confidence, lovely personality, great conversation, funny, sweet, sexy - big time delicious and of course confidently naughty. What a great start to the New Year - I have a feeling we both enjoyed our surprises. Take care Lydia x
Feb 2023
WOW .. this lady is definitely up there with the best Ive seen. From opening my hotel room door she just oozed confidence (as admittedly all CC ladies do) but with Lydia, straight away I felt this was an old friend I'd known for years. She is the ultimate 'girl next door' who gives the ultimate GFE. I will definitely be asking too see her again
Jiohn P
Feb 2023
Today I had the best time of my life with the lovely Lydia. She is so amazing she’s is so cuddly. She is one of the best at Cheshire and I enjoy my time with her. She is the best see you next month babe.
Feb 2023
No issues on contact or arrival time and I had chosen a safe hotel but in a not so great area so I escorted Lydia in. She is very bubbly, bright, with an infectious laugh who is very inquisitive about life in general. The words loving and caring may be used a lot in these write ups however in Lydia's case it is true, as is bright, articulate, caring and great fun. That we hit it off well is an understatement and tonight I will sleep soundly. Thanks L, have a great holiday and see you again sometime. Jon
Feb 2023
What a fascinating & wonderful lady Lydia is, we chatted for the best part of 3hrs before retiring to a more private place, Lydia is such a warm and affectionate woman who makes you feel the centre of her attention and certainly works out what makes you tick, I will certainly be seeing this wonderful lady again soon. Thanks Lydia for a wonderful evening & look forward to seeing you again soon after your holiday. XX
Feb 2023
Lydia such an amazing person to spend time with ☺️ I waited all year to spend time with this stunning lady she was sexy. Polite. Fun to be with just being with your girlfriend an amazing person to be with . I cannot describe how it felt to be in this ladies company she was just a thinking man's tottie thank you to all for arranging everything for me and thank you again Lydia you have filled me with so many memories Lydia every little thing you do is magic xx thank you mark xx💕
Feb 2023
L is beautiful. A very kind, sexy lady xxx
Aug 2023
Lydia arriving for our planned scenario, BTs to the fore, was even hotter than I had hoped it would be. She is so willing to engage and share ideas that we both had a really enjoyable, relaxed and passionate time (there was more than just verbal testimony of her enjoyment too!) Very easy to talk with and very open to being even more open in future. Miss B is very special.
Oct 2023
I had a hunch that Lydia and Mille were the women for my first-ever threesome and, boy, was I right! We all enjoyed an hour of free-flowing shared fun and pleasure. Memories to keep forever, so thank you both.
Nov 2023
This was my first time calling Cheshire Companions and their polite receptionist was helpful in setting up a meeting with Lydia. There was clear communication and Lydia proved to be excellent company, making me feel at ease at every opportunity and receptive to questions and concerns. An attractive and vivacious woman and time spent with her passed enjoyably and (too) quickly and as the first lady from CC that I've met, I would definitely love to pass an hour or two with her again. Gorgeous.
Dec 2023
Wow. What can I say. Such a perfect companion, hostess, confidante, lover.
Dec 2023
Another wonderful two hours with Lydia. Absolutely faultless. Lydia makes the experience so personal and intimate. Really fun company too and a lovely figure with delightful soft skin. Beautiful eyes, like round green lakes in which to lose yourself. An evening with Lydia is a feast for all the senses, she really is the ideal companion for me. Heaven!
Jan 2024
If you are only after full on, made up to the nines glamour, then move on. However, if you are looking for an elegant, attractive, confident, intelligent, interesting and instantly likeable lady, then Lydia ticks all those boxes and more. She also has a rather sexy streak running just below the surface and eyes that captivate you. I had an extremely enjoyable couple of hours in her company. Would I like to see her again? Yes. Absolutely. 100%.
Apr 2024
Wozers what a fantastic meeting time flew by this was a fabulous experience from a wonderful girl She is funny ,confident and a very good looking girl Lovely soft skin and smelling delicious Hopefully this will be the first of many meets Thank you Lydia catch you soon xx
Dave M
Apr 2024
Wowzers what a fantastic meeting I had with Lydia she looks amazing smells delicious and is perfect in every way Very chatty and warm we hit it off straight away laughing and getting to know each other very quickly She asked how I rated her visit out of 10 I said at least 20 Hopefully this will be the first of many visits And the start of a good friendship She is beautiful I want her for myself Thank you Lydia ill see you soon xxx