Authentic escorts & services in the UK

In 2017, there is a larger quantity of escort agencies in the UK than ever before. From London to Manchester, the competition is fierce for adult performers. Even in smaller areas, dedicated providers are appearing to try and garner a few bookings from clients.
Surely having more escort agencies to pick from is a good thing? Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually work out that way. In major areas the market of adult performers is so diverse – gentlemen are having more trouble than ever deciphering who is authentic and who is not!

What exactly is the problem with more choice for companionship?

Here are some of the reasons the increase in available Manchester escorts is making lives harder for the hard working gentlemen:

  • Misdirection and confusion. Most of the new agencies appearing out of the blue fabricate their escorts, everything from the statistics and images all the way through to her biography. It’s all made up to influence you.
  • Lazy or unprofessional escort agencies. New start up escort providers may want to bring an amazing new local service – but in reality it’s not as easy as you think. An authentic and serious escorting business takes a lot of co-ordination and work. It’s much easier to go below people’s expectations in this industry.
  • Market oversaturation. With more escorts than ever to pick from, it’s more challenging than ever before to pick out the good courtesans from the bad. Even if the website looks credible, you cannot be sure if the provider you picked is legitimate.

Do you find this is the case? Have you had an unfortunate encounter with an escort before that fell below your expectations? This article is designed to help YOU find the authentic from the fabricated.

We find that many of these new providers just don’t have the customer service, dedicated girls, or business accumen to pull off a successful and satisfying encounter.
In this guide you will not only learn effective methods to spot legitimate escort agencies, we will also teach you proactive approaches you can use to clarify the authenticity of any provider!
Before continuing to read this article however, we thought it was prudent to introduce ourselves as the Cheshire Companions. After all, we are one of those elusive authentic escort agencies that you may be currently looking for!

Who are the Cheshire Companions?

We are the Cheshire Companions, one of the highly successful services based in Manchester. We also cater to the majority of the North West, flexibility is one of the reasons we maintain a fantastic range of clients and escorts.

Proof of our authentic services.

We have created an infographic to compare our website’s popularity with what many people consider our competitor. According to statistics and bookings however, we perform signicantly better.

Take a look for yourself. Using Alexa Rank (an established website popularity metric), we compare our website versus Manchester-Elite, a competitor that ranks higher than us in Google.

From a brief look at the raw data above, you can already see that despite our website being featured lower in Google, our traffic and popularity in the UK (and worldwide) is more than double that of our competitior, Manchester-Elite.
Let us restate that again for posterity and clarity:

  • Cheshire Companions in Great Britain: 33,704 Alexa Rank (19th, June 2017)
  • Manchester-Elite in Great Britain: 127,137 Alexa Rank (19th, June 2017)

A simple deduction discovers that we are 93,433 positions ahead of Manchester-Elite, a fact you can happily check with Alexa anytime (subject to slight changes over time). If you would like to continue reading more about why we are a credible and authentic authority on escorting, please find some additional statistics regarding the Cheshire Companions at the bottom of the page.
We apologize for the lengthy introduction, but you cannot trust any source on the web these days without solid identification.
Now that we have established who we are and why our opinion is worth something – let us move on to the meat of the article.


Spotting the ultimate escorting services in UK – Authentic indicators

The ultimate way to spot a legitimate escort service is to look for indicators or warnings that may tip you off before booking. This can often be done using the internet at home. All it takes is a little research and time.
Below are helpful guidelines on what you should look for, this is how you narrow down your list of potential escorts and eliminate the poor providers:

Google rankings

Guideline: Go to your local Google search and type in your location and escorts, look through several pages of rankings and pick out any websites that look promising.

Why should I do this?

This is a good first step for anyone seeking an authentic companion. You always need a list of candidates to choose from. Open up as many escort websites as you feel necessary, and then narrow it down.

Guideline: Use Google’s reverse image search, or Tineye ( to trace an image backwards.

Why should I do this?
By right clicking any image (see the screenshot above), you can select search Google for copies of any image. This is the way to see how many times a particular photo has been copied across the web.
Using the Tineye, you can execute a more comprehensive search.
The reason for doing this is to spot fake escorts, with a little time and effort it can be fairly easy to see which ladies are really escorts!

Use fresh sources to find escorts

Guideline: Look for recently updated websites and regular activity.

Why should I do this?
An escort related website with regularly updated content is a sign of a dedicated business! Look for new and interesting blog posts being published or an available today page that is renewed frequently.
Any sign that the website is keeping their website up to date shows a willingness to improve, a surefire trait of top class adult entertainment.

Website reviews

Guideline: Check the reviews (on the website and on Google) for any potential candidate before calling.

Why should I do this?
Check the agency website for reviews and look for anything suspicious. It could be a pattern, they could all be made up by the same person. Adopt the “Always question. Never accept.” stance.
Additionally, we also strongly recommend following this up with a search on google for reviews of the agency itself. For example, in the case of the Cheshire Companions you would type: “Cheshire Companions reviews” into Google. This is a great way to scour the web for any positive and negative opinions regarding the business itself!

Look at price and rates as a factor

Guideline: Always check the rates per hour of any service.

Why should I do this?
Although this is a very small signal, the rates of booking with any particular UK escort agency is an indication of quality.

  • High class prices (£300 an hour+) generally provide a better quality service, with the obvious disadvantage of being ludicrously overpriced. Anyone would give a dazzling performance for £600!
  • Lower prices may be a warning sign but for a different reason. In our eyes, any escort charging under £100 is underselling herself, which leads to poorer experiences in general. If you aren’t compensated fairly for your time, enthusiasm levels drop.

Take this guideline with a grain of salt, many amazing escort services still operate at competitive prices and provide a stellar experience!


Guideline: Go to Punternet and look through the review section for candidates.

Why should I do this?
Punternet is only of the only adult entertainment related websites that focuses entirely on truthful reviews. As fair as web authorities go, a massive amount of gentlemen book exclusively through Punternet.
With Punternet, you are more likely to get the real story in a review than anywhere else. Despite this, many of the reviews on Punternet are still made up, use your common sense to separate them.

Taking it further – Proactive approaches to determine authentic agency candidates

Using our list above you should be able to accomplish much in your search for beautiful call girls:

  • Getting a list of potential escorts and agency candidates.
  • Eliminating dangerous candidates for bookings.
  • Getting a comfortable overview of the escort services in your local area.

Once this is all done, you should be left with at least a couple of escort services you might be interested in calling. Now, all that’s left is to take some final steps to narrow down to the best agency, and escort for you.

The best way to do this is to get in touch with the agency itself, and conduct some direct, in the field research yourself! Here is how to do it yourself:

1. Call up the escort agency and ask some questions. Remember to be friendly, but inquire about a booking in advance. Ask if there are any additional fees or services, and express your interest about becoming a regular customer.

2. Send an online request or use the live help function. Any prominent website providing companionship will have either an online chatting function or some place to get in touch through the website or email. Contact this address and ask for information.

Please note: remember when contacting any escort service, you need to be polite and discerning! Calling up to aggressively ask questions like a journalist can end up with you blacklisted. Try to probe gently and professionally.

So what can we achieve by getting in touch?

By getting in contact and analysing the response, you should be able to gather actionable data on whether you should book escorts from them or not!

Using cold calling or online messaging is an excellent way to proactively ascertain the quality of the adult entertainment you will receive. Many of the businesses providing a poor escort service will be unveiled for you to see, simply by asking a few questions.

An example of this being put into practice would be when a client calls the Cheshire Companions. Our reception actually requires some measure of training and competence to handle booking requests. So, when you call our phone line any of your questions or requests should be met with a prompt and satisfactory answer.

Why should you listen to us?

The best way for us to confirm the quality of our agency is through even more statistics. Here is an image of the search analytics for our website:

In the image above you can see where our top traffic has been coming from for the last 90 days.

Out of the top four queries you can see in the image above, a whopping 89% of these visitors to our site have come looking for the Cheshire Companions!

This is a strong indicator of the quality of our service. Nobody books from an escort agency twice if the service was not satisfactory.

Additional notes: Final Thoughts from the Cheshire Companions

We hope you have found the information in this guide useful. It has been written to aid customers find a high quality service to book escorts from. Whether you are new to the world of escorts and companions or a certified expert, you should be able to pick up something from reading this.

Here are a few final points we would like to mention about booking escorts:

  • If in doubt, you might be better off not booking at all! Escort encounters are meant to be wholly pleasurable. Make sure you don’t waste your money if the quality does not look adequate for you!
  • Good authentic escort agencies are not sketchy. Nowadays, all escort services can run above board, entirely legally. This means you don’t have to put up with an agency filled with charlatans. Don’t pay for low quality encounters when you don’t have to!
  • The most important thing is to have fun. We shouldn’t have to say this, but if you are in a bad mood – escort appointments are supposed to ease your stress, tension, and leave you feeling positive and refreshed.

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