Warm up with a Companion this October

The nights are getting a little longer, the skies getting darker and there is a definite crispness to the chill in the air that can only be identified with the onset of October and all of the monsters that come out during this long month.
If you find yourself in Cheshire this October then we can recommend a place that will certainly get the heart pounding and the blood pumping – but only half as much as our gorgeous Knutsford escorts do!

High on the list of things to see and do is a visit to the mansion and gardens known as Tatton Hall, and if you dare to provoke the spirits then you should definitely take a peek at the haunted Tudor Old Hall which has been featured on ‘Most Haunted’ along with the Cruck Farm which has left people too scared to return following multiple reports of paranormal activity!

It should come as no surprise that the grounds come with the possibility of spooky goings on as the 100 acres of ground and buildings have a family history of over 400 years and would have seen many births deaths and marriages during these bloody medieval centuries.
The main proprietors off the estate were the Egertons who took up residence in 1598 when Sir Thomas Egerton bought the park from Dorothy, his half sister.

It would however be quite a while before the Egertons really made their mark on the Tatton Estate when a century later John decided to build a new house on the land and make this Park in Knutsford their main residence.
John’s son Samuel would go on to make an even greater impression on Tatton Park as he commissioned some of the mansion that can be seen today.

Samuel created an elaborate Neo Classical Mansion designed by the renowned architect Samuel Wyatt which sadly was completed postmortem in 1791. Although Samuel was unable to see his final vision, he was still able to witness many other great changes that he was able to put into effect such as installing many improvements, extensions and dramatic Rococo style fittings to the mansion.

Fast forward to the 19th Century and many more Egertons have had their hand in the transformation of Tatton Park and Hall: installing more floors, creating larger servants quarters. Forever wanting to show their wealth and status, not only did the Egertons like to build big they also liked to party hard (we know a few like that too 😉) and became known for their large extravagant Victorian house parties which often included members of Royalty on the guest list who would often come to feast on the wonderful foods prepared by the talented and experimental cooks and marvel at the Egertons impressive decorative arts collection.

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Luckily for us coming to visit Cheshire these days we’re able enjoy the beautiful Tatton Park including the art, halls and gardens without having to sample the strange culinary Victorian creations thanks to Lord Maurice Egerton who bequeathed the estate to the National Trust in 1958 as a gift for the nation to enjoy.

So, if you find yourself with a few extra hours on an idle afternoon then why not see who is available today or tonight and give us a ring in the Cheshire Office and we can arrange a gorgeous companion to come and make your visit to these amazing grounds even more attractive. Or if this idyllic afternoon is a little too pedestrian for you then check out the ghost hunt nights they regularly run for the more adventurous souls among us.

We offer sensational value along with our stunning companions if you do fancy an outing then ask us about our 3 hour option which includes 1 hour to be spent hunting ghosts, going to dinner, the movies, bowling or perhaps the races and then 2 hours where it’s just the two of you left alone to revel in the intimacy of one another during these long and cold October days.

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