What Do Men Find Sexy in a Woman

It is the first appearance that attracts men. Society has set the rules for sexiness and most people unconsciously follow them. However, true sexiness transcends these rules and deep inside every man realises that their definition of sexiness is different.

Lips that You Yearn to Kiss

While a woman may have a voluptuous body, most men end up looking at the lips when they see them. Women with sexy lips are considered sexy and beautiful. When you see escorts in Manchester with sensual lips, you will yearn to kiss them. This can confuse you as you will be torn between hearing the words coming out of the escort’s mouth and dying to kiss her. This conflict that you experience will make the woman more alluring and sexy in your eyes.

Sensual Back that Calls Out to You

A beautiful back that is erect can be amazingly sensual and provocative. A backless dress or even a humble t-shirt can accentuate the lines of the back and make you go crazy.  You will want to gently hold her back and that is another experience that will fill you with joy and make your imagination run wild.

High Levels of Confidence

While the damsel in distress act can attract a few men, most prefer to be with women who are confident and self-assured. It is quite attractive when women know what they want and like. Men find it extremely sexy to be in the company of confident women as it demonstrates that the women know their value and will never settle for anything but the best.

Sweet and Soothing Voice

The way a woman speaks can be sexy and attractive. Men find women with melodious voices sensual and erotic. It goes without saying that a low tone is much better than a screechy voice. This is something women learn early and keep their voices down. A loud and garrulous woman can be too intimidating and also come across as unattractive.

A Playful Side

While it is a good thing to be focused and serious about important matters, you also need to let down your hair at times. That is why when a woman acts naughty, it is a big turn-on. Women who are playful and naughty are considered sexy and men get attracted to them. These women know the right time to be serious and the correct time to be playful.

Attractive Sense of Dressing

While some women believe that wearing the bare minimum is sexy. On the contrary, when women are covered, men have a strong desire to undress them slowly and gently. That is very sexy and women who have a great taste and sense of dressing will automatically be deemed as desirable and sexy.

The Bottom Line

While you can go around from pillar to post looking for sexy women, it can be a time-consuming and often a futile endeavour. Thankfully, with Cheshire Companions, a leading escort agency in Manchester, you will be able to connect with the most desirable, sensual, and sexy women. These Manchester escorts know exactly how to turn on a man and make him feel special and wanted. What more could you ask for?

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