Emily - 29

About Emily - 29

Hello there! I'm Emily, and I'm thrilled to share a little glimpse into my world with you. Picture a woman with a scorching Mediterranean look – that's me. I've always believed in taking good care of myself, and it shows. From my long, dark, wavy hair to my deep, natural tan and those striking dark brown eyes, I strive to be the best version of myself.


Fitness is my passion; I'm a bona fide fitness fanatic. I've learned that keeping my body toned and strong not only makes me feel incredible but also boosts my confidence. I'm all about balance, though, so I proudly embrace my curves, rocking a lovely size 10 hourglass figure. Life's too short not to love every inch of yourself, right?

With a professional background, I'm no stranger to hard work and dedication. I believe in the mantra "work hard, play hard." I thrive on a bustling schedule and have a knack for keeping up with even the busiest of people. Life's an adventure, and I'm here to make the most of it.

One of my greatest joys is spreading kindness and making people feel good. There's something magical about brightening someone's day with a smile or a thoughtful word. I thrive on meaningful conversations and aspire to leave a positive impact wherever I go. You see, I'm a woman with ambition, especially when it comes to connecting with others. I'm on a journey, and I'd be delighted to have you join me for the ride. Believe me when I say it's bound to be the time of your life. An unforgettable experience awaits, one that you'll cherish forever. Spending time with me is like crafting a treasured memory, or even better, nurturing an intimate friendship that's sure to stand the test of time.

But there's so much more to me than what meets the eye. Yes, I'm passionate about fitness and beauty, but I'm also a firm believer in the power of education and personal growth. I've dedicated countless hours to expanding my knowledge and honing my skills. Learning is a lifelong journey, and I'm committed to always evolving, both personally and professionally.

When I'm not conquering the world, you might find me curled up with a good book, exploring new cuisines, or embarking on an adventure in the great outdoors. Travel is one of my greatest joys, as it opens up a world of experiences and cultures waiting to be discovered. From vibrant cities to serene natural landscapes, there's nothing like the thrill of exploration.


As much as I treasure my alone time, I'm a social butterfly at heart. I thrive in the company of like-minded individuals who share my zest for life and my passion for meaningful connections. Building relationships and creating lasting memories is what life's all about, isn't it?
In a world filled with endless possibilities, I'm here to seize every moment and embrace every opportunity. Life's a journey, and I invite you to join me on this exhilarating ride. 

So, if you're ready for an adventure, a dose of inspiration, and a whole lot of positivity, I'm here with open arms. Let's make every day count and turn each moment into a cherished memory. I can't wait to embark on this journey with you!



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Feb 2019
Met the lovely Emily in liverpool and wow she had a amazing figure and a great cleavage. See you soon babe xxxxx
Lee White
Jun 2019
Experienced, delectable, daring, raunchy all round unmissable that's Emily... without doubt a really lovely person not to be missed. Until we meet again. DC 07
Jun 2016
On one of the hottest nights in England ever, Emily made it even hotter.
Jun 2019
Bernadette,thanks very much you introduced Emily to me. Emily is a real classic lady,very posh,very well spoken,well dressed,polite,she has a nice manner, she is very intelligent,also she is a very high class lady and has a great sense of humour. Emily is a very friendly lady,she made a very relax and good atmosphere. She looks like a senior lecturer at the medical school of Oxford university ??? I will see her again when I can manage my super busy life. Thank you Emily.
No Name
Oct 2018
What a stunning looking girl Emily is. Sexy with an amazing warm personality she is the fittest girl I have ever seen!! Model body with a perfect face I was in shock when she walked through my door! Thankyou Emily you are AMAZING and your smile lights up a room
Jul 2017
I booked a 2hr special and extended for another couple of hours as this girl is unreal. Friendly, beautiful girl who clearly loves her job. Cant get enough of her. See you soon
Dec 2018
What an amazing beautiful young lady. Will definitely see you again xx
Feb 2018
Emily was sensational company. We had a dinner date and I couldn't have picked a better lady. She is beautiful looking with a great personality. Emily, you made my night, thank you.
Jul 2019
What an amazing woman, she was brilliant company and gorgeous to go with it - I had a very memorable night!
Jul 2017
Great evening, gorgeous smiling eyes & just a lovely women to spend time with. Thank you x
Feb 2020
Met this very attractive and pleasant lady. very caring and great sense of humour. Very attractive and great dimples. Lol. A delight to spend time with..
Jul 2020
Lovely girl , easy to get in with , very attractive and a fantastic body . As soon as she walked in my room I felt at ease. Definitely going to book her again
Aug 2020
She was amazing, amazing, amazing. I had the best time. I cannot wait to c her again. ohhh that lovely amazing figure
Mar 2021
Lovely girl very professional and outstanding service. Very enjoyable hour and will surely book again.
Jun 2021
Beautiful Emily first time i had seen her really don’t understand why because we hit it off right from the start they say the best things in life are worth waiting for and that certainly was the case here..She is an incredibly nice girl and made me feel like i had a new best friend i enjoyed every second in her company. Every time i ring up now i will just be saying one word to the cheshire receptionist and that’s Emily .Thank you karen for arranging it .
May 2022
Well it’s a few years since I’ve seen anyone from Cheshire, so I decided a treat was in order and what a treat was Emily absolutely stunning and so easy to talk we were enjoying ourselves so much Emily stayed an extra hour. Thank you for a lovely evening Emily, hope to see you again real soon?….
Sep 2022
This was my second time meeting Emily, and even though it's been a while, she remembered much about me. Emily is exactly as her description, and is naturally very pretty. She has a lovely warm nature with a great sense of humour, and is very easy to talk with, with no awkwardness! She's also got a geat raunchy side too, and is a real pleaser. Highly recommended.
Jul 2020
Lovely long legs and lots of fun .Definitely worth the experience
Jan 2023
So glad Emily is back, I have missed this sexy girl so much. Looks like Michelle keegan, one sexy body and model looks. Very pretty girl and she looked after me like you wouldn’t believe. Will hopefully get to see her very soon when I’m home. Thank you to Emily for being amazing
J x
May 2023
Emily is very sexy and sure knows how to please. I had a fantastic time with her and have to give her 10/10.
Jun 2023
Hello I was with Emily last night I really had a good night lots of fun she is absolutely beautiful good fun and above all just great to be around see you soon
Oct 2023
Delightful time with Emily. Very engaging lady to spend time with.
Nov 2023
Spent a couple of hours with Emily and oh my word, what a night. Pictures do not do this stunning lady justice. Great conversation, incredible time had and can not wait for round 2 xx