Libby - 34

About Libby - 34

Hi there, I'm Libby, and I am here to tell you why they say I'm a total legend around CC. Being a companion? It's more than a job—it's a passion, a thrill, and a journey into a world of excitement and connection. There's nothing that gets my heart racing quite like a night out, a laugh shared, and a chance to make life a little better and a lot more exciting.

You want down-to-earth? Well, that's me in a nutshell. No nonsense, just a straightforward Northern lass who believes in keeping it real. Airs and graces? Not in my vocabulary. Honesty? It's the foundation of every interaction I have. When we're together, you'll know it's the real deal. We're not holding back, not hiding behind facades. It's about sharing our fantasies, tossing inhibitions out the window, and letting the fun take over.

But let's address my reputation for being a party lady. Guilty as charged! I'm the one who's dancing till dawn, smiling like there's no tomorrow. And yes, I'm all about that life. But here's the thing: I'm more than the wild nights and the electric atmosphere. In the daytime, I am tackling my day job with determination. This means I've got plenty to talk about, whether you're up for a seductive chat or simply need a friendly ear. Loyalty is my middle name, and once you're in my circle, you're there for good.

Looks? Well, I don't rush around when it comes to getting ready. I take my time to ensure I'm absolutely on point for our meeting. My figure? Naturally slender, toned, and tanned, the result of countless hours dedicated to keeping myself in peak condition. My dark hair? Perfectly tousled, a mix of effortlessness and natural attractiveness. And my makeup? Exquisitely applied, accentuating my features in all the right ways.

And when it comes to dressing, oh boy, do I love to make an entrance. You won't catch me in anything less than my finest—each outfit meticulously chosen to tantalise and excite. I'm all about leaving an unforgettable impression, making sure you'll remember our time together long after we part ways. And guess what? The excitement doesn't end there. Each meeting brings new outfits, new surprises, and a level of anticipation that's off the charts.

So, here's the deal: Libby is a name you won't forget. From our first interaction to our last, I'm here to ensure every moment is one of sublime enjoyment. I'm not just a companion; I'm a partner in pleasure, an architect of unforgettable memories, and a curator of experiences that will stay with you forever.

When we're together, there's no holding back. It's a whirlwind of laughter, connection, and sheer exhilaration. Life's too short to play it safe, and with Libby by your side, you're in for a journey that's as electrifying as it is unforgettable. So, write down my name, hold onto that anticipation, and get ready for a ride that'll leave you breathless and begging for more. I can't wait to meet you and make our mark on the world—one thrilling moment at a time. See you soon!



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Jun 2018
Libby she is 200 % honest & a party girl n very open minded! If u can’t av a good time with Libby u wasting your money! I guarantee 200% u enjoy the best party in your life xxxxx
Jan 2018
This lady blew my mind, AMAZEING...i kept this beautiful lady for 6 hours just couldn't let her go..! No 1 compares xxxx
Jul 2019
Really nice girl. Pleasant and good company.
Jul 2018
What a fantastic girl ! Friendly, fun, relaxed .... and ridiculously hot ! An absolute pleasure to meet Libby and it won'y be the last time. 100% recommended guys !
Jul 2018
Wow what a wonderful lady, she made me feel at ease like I had know her for years, perfect gf experience, can't wait for next time, I would recommend her to anyone
Mar 2018
Omg I've never seen an escort b 4 n wow! She amazed me! Only booked an HR but had 2 extend 12 lol xx
Sexy butch
Oct 2018
Wow what a wonderful girl libby is. So bubbly and sexy. Enjoyed every second of your company babe... thank you for a wonderful time. So genuine and so good to talk too. I would definitely recommend this beauty to anyone. Lovle x
Feb 2019
Wow what a fab experience....look forward to Libby abusing me again!
Aug 2018
Used cheshirecompanions for the first time tonight. I had the pleasure of meeting Libby. I was in two minds whether I should go for it but when Libby arrived I was so glad I did. She was great fun and adventurous. Tonight I think I saw one of the best views of Manchester...Libby knows what I mean.
Dec 2016
Amazing girl, highly recommend her x
Magic man
Oct 2016
2 hours with Libby. What a woman, the biggest turn on ever. everything about her is perfect. body, personality, nothing more to say, book her.
Oct 2016
Best night ov mu life! Can't say anymore, xxx
Sep 2016
This girl is so nice, would loved to have kept her xx
Aug 2016
I had a fantastic 2 hours with libby, she was a joy to spend time with. Thanks xx
Jul 2016
Should have planned better and had Libby stay at least 2 hours more would be better. Sexy and very good at the play stuff. Interesting and just as sexy having a chat. Blew my xxxxxx and my mind.
Jul 2016
super special lady who has that magic touch. Wanted to keep her all to myself. See you next time i am up.
Mar 2016
2nd time better than the first. You will want one of your own after an hour of fun with Libby
Mar 2016
Fantastic! Lib was so chilled and so sexy it took no time at all to get to the fun. I know she was here on business but we had a load of fun. It was very tempting to extend the booking. She had my body screaming to do just that. X
Feb 2016
Libby's is SImply good at her job, really easy to get on with. If you looking to spend a quality time look no further. You simply can't fault her
Nov 2018
Second time in 2 days, even better than the first an hour and a half felt like 5 minutes...i need to win the lottery or perhaps sell a kidney...Libby you are stunning and fantastic company, thank you
Nov 2016
OMG I am speechless, thats it............
Sep 2017
Met Libby initially for two hours needless to say it was extended. This lady is superb. Both naughty and nice simultaneously treat Libby well and you will be rewarded in spectacular style. Thanks for an amazing evening Libby and see yu soon for more fun x.
Dec 2018
Beautiful girl. Stunning inside and out. Such good company, made me feel really comfortable from the 1st minute. No other words but out of this world.
Jul 2018
I’ve been looking at Libby, for months. This evening I spent two hours in her company. Amazing figure, personality. It was definitely worth the wait.
Jun 2018
Great baps ten out of ten. Lovely girl
Aug 2019
Awww Libby, Libby, Libby, Libby, Libby, Libby, Libby,......Libby, .......Libby......XXXXxxx
Jul 2019
Thank you Libby. Nothing needed to be said here apart from do not make the same mistake as me. 1hr is not enough. I repeat not enough.!!! An absolutely gorgeous lady. See you after Ibiza for sure. Steve
Jan 2018
Libby is a amazing sexy girl and great company. I would recommend her to anyone
Sep 2019
Libby... a true agents companion the Aston Martin of women license to thrill... without a shadow of doubt shaken and stirred! DC7
May 2019
Met Libby tonight she made me feel totally comfortable and confident- had an amazing time can’t wait to see her again x
May 2019
Wow - just WOW....! Libby is amazing..... I connected with this lovely lady very quickly and was rewarded with an experience the intensity of which has left me literally gobsmacked...! Xxxx
Oct 2019
Simply the best.........Xxx
Jan 2020
Libby, this is Stuart from Winsford. Top girl you are in every way possible, amazing night and can’t wait see you again. Take care lovely
Jan 2020
Running out of superlatives for Libby..... never disappoints.....Xx
Oct 2020
So this is the second time I’ve seen this beauty,she is a top girl and I would highly recommend her coz we had a top laugh 2getha. She is a genuine girl with a lovely bottom,even let her wear my dressing gown lol,top night with her and would love 2 c her again!
Feb 2020
Thank u so much..made us feel great and amazing..made me feel so at ease..Thank u again xxx
Feb 2020
Want to say a massive Thank u again..we had the most amazing time with libby again..great laugh and lots of fun we had..u were amazing. Thank u so much xxx
Feb 2020
Libby is breathtakingly beautiful.. A perfect GFE. She's intelligent with a good sense of humour. Every minute spent with her was perfect.
Feb 2020
Just spent a delightful evening with the ever gorgeous Libby, she made me feel so good about myself my face is sore from smiling. Libby is a great listener and she even laughed at my jokes which is always good. What a beautiful, strong and super sexy lady Libby Is. and I can't wait for our next session. 10/10
Jul 2020
Booked Libby for 2 hours.....6 hours later she was still on fine form!! Lovely girl and loads of fun....pretty but naughty and great for a couple booking!....would definitely recommend!
Nov 2020
This girl is absolutely stunning absolutely amazing say no more xxxx
Jul 2021
Thank you soon much we had the most amazing night..libby was great company and so much fun really made the night special for us..hope to see u again soon xx
Oct 2021
Spent 2 amazing hours with Libby. Would definitely recommend and will see again.
Dec 2021
Best girl on the books. Will be booking again very soon!!!
Jan 2022
Absolutely fantastic, best girl on the books, passion through the roof, highly recommended. Def have again, oops I did twice as she’s so good . Love Dave
Banana man dAve
Jan 2022
Fantastic service recommended to all great attributes and personality
James Forrester
Oct 2022
What a night this lady will take you to places you have only dreamt about fantastic company and does not disappoint in any way looking forward to seeing her again for more adventures
Jul 2022
Absolute stunner. Down to earth. Amazing lady.
Jul 2022
Can not fault Libby. You will smile all night an be made to feel so comfortable that you will want to see her again. Hopefully she will be with me instead though!
Jul 2022
First impressions! Wow. Broke her heel. Went on from there. What a night.
Mo os
Aug 2022
Very nice person lovely two hours will be seeing again,
Aug 2022
Great time in two very short hours, great and down-to-earth person. 15/10 . When got enough money phone her again.
Jan 2023
Perfect xxxx
Jan 2023
Just bloody lovely x
Aug 2023
.very lovely lady very down to earth,absolutely fantastic night,xx
Dec 2023
I never leave reviews unless outstandingly good or outstandingly bad, here the former - what a delightful service, Firstly from the agency (John), who was hyper- apologetic for a 15 minute delay in arrival because of traffic - how many reading this reviews have wondered where is their girl 90 minutes after the appointment time ? Secondly , what a delightful time, loved Libby’s northern accent and bubbly character talking from the get-go like we were lifelong friends. Like others, I also made a mistake not booking the whole night.
Apr 2024
Really lovely 2 hours with Libby, great fun, lovely chat for an hour which put me at ease (I was childishly stressing a bit despite being old enough to know better). Marvellous relaxed time after the chat and will definitely book again, soon, so I can spend more time not chatting
May 2024
Libby is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. The all-nighter flew by as she was such amazing company. Once again great service from CC - thanks to the lovey Geri - and a fantastic experience once Libby arrived. She is one of the best who I really hope to see again. Pics don’t do her justice. She most definitely doesn’t disappoint. Wow, wow, wow. Thanks Lib
Late nighter