Natasha - 35

About Natasha - 35

Hi, I'm Natasha and I'm so excited to be here with you all. Let me share a little bit about myself.....


I was born and grew up in Europe and am simply curious by nature. I've done a fair amount of travelling, living in different parts of Spain, Asia and happily here now. The beauty I find in architecture has a guarded space in my soul. It is peacefully protected along with my photographs. I'm by no means a professional but it's something that ignites a fire in me and so I absolutely have a thirst for seeing and experiencing more. My background definitely lends to the way I am now. Spending time in different countries, seeing how they embrace us and how their cultures contribute to what we know all the way over here. It's liberating and so grounding. Oh and I love the water, beaches, pools, natural or man made, its aligns me. I grew up next to the ocean and there's nothing quite as peaceful yet invigorating as a midnight skinny-dip in the sea. I intend on starting my yacht masters in the hope-fully not too distant future, I already know the uniform is going to look sexy as hell on me !


I stand at 5"2, with petite features and curves. I'm a 100% all natural, classic beauty, a real femme fatale, at your service. I love fashion, more so styling for dress ups, although, sometimes it's only a smile and pearl necklace needed. I speak well and can mingle at ease with almost everyone. My accent has become a little more northern over the years but it isn't always so identifiable. I'm all for the image of drama and glam and I'm very down to earth with an often dark sense of humour. I can easily hold my grace at black ties and just as much on the flip side, enjoy hanging out with a cold beer or a bourbon. You can't beat live music, I would be hard pushed to pick one genre, Motown, Souls, Blues, Alternative .....Its endless. Variety is the spice of life, right ? I'll try, Almost anything, once, whether its dare-devilish, dangerous and spontaneous or something more humbling and pensive. I love spending time learning about what makes others tick. I'm fascinated by people, the stories they tell, the journey they've made. Putting smiles on others faces does all sorts of things to me! I'm naturally a very giving person. I guess I'm just that perfectly wrapped gift, sitting on your knee! Ahem I mean, placed under your Christmas tree *wink


It should go without saying that I am always dressed to impress, My natural beauty is elegantly unassuming. I've exquisitely high cheekbones and honestly, stunning bone structure which only compares to that ethereal, mystical beauty. I'm often asked if I'm Swedish or Russian, it is of course, just great genes. It's a blessing and a curse, as these cheekbones and luscious pout can, at times, give quite a stern impression but I promise I'm super approachable and warm, and once you've got my attention you'll see how loyal and thoughtful I am. I don't bite, unless asked, but I'd certainly recommend a more vanilla meet first, to get to know each other better first, if that's your request. I like things to generally move more organically and as we say, there's no shame in this game ! But sometimes being blunt is the best approach, especially if you're not sure or a little nervous, I find that so endearing and frankly sexy. I'll appreciate the honesty and who knows, it could end up being something mind-blowing ! Then it won't be nervous laughter, we'll be laughing at why we didn't do it sooner !


I'm often complimented on being a good listener, amongst other things ! I relish in learning from others. If you're free for an evening, I'd love to get to know you on a dinner date and then who knows where we'll continue for dessert. Stuck for time and over stressed ? Squeeze me in and I promise to send you off, refreshed and grinning ear to ear. Whilst my weak spot is definitely the chivalrous type I'm also a sucker for the quirky and eccentric. And you cant beat that no holds barred frenzy of passion ! Don't worry if you're shy, I'm sure I can distract you in between any blanks, at the very least, ease you into our time. I've definitely been the shy type myself but feeling so invigorated and sexy and glam, meeting new people, I love taking my time exploring the new me. I finally took the plunge into escorting and couldn't feel more exhilarated.


Come on this journey with me, it will be amazing!


I cant wait to hear from you.

Natasha x


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Apr 2024
What can i say this young lady is amazing two hour just flew by with one off the best so please treat her well guys as i can not wait to see her again and thank you to the reception as always at cheshire companions who are so helpful
Apr 2024
An absolute delight meeting Natasha. She is the personification of the word ‘Incredible’. Can’t wait to see her again. Guys You will feel the same too when you meet her
Apr 2024
Sum Natasha up in three words? I'll go first: hot, hot, hot.
Apr 2024
My first time seeing Natasha but I would definitely see again.Very easy to talk to & chatty,nothing was rushed & I was asked what I’d like to do rather than it being a set thing.Very enthusiastic & put maximum effort in to make sure I got a top class service.Stayed the full hour & I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.A very good figure & a good all round service with a lot of cuddling for the other side of the experience.
Mike C